1. Measuring the softening point;
  2. Measuring the degree of penetration;
  3. Measuring the amount of bitumen ductility;
  4. Measuring the flash point of pure bitumen and solution;
  5. Measurement of viscosity saybolt and emulsion;
  6. Kinematic viscosity measurement of pure and soluble bitumen;
  7. Measuring the solubility in trichlorortylyene;
  8. Measuring water content in bitumen;
  9. Thin film oven test;
  10. Distilled bitumen and emulsion bitumen;
  11. Experiment of bitumen extraction from mixtures of asphalt;
  12. Granulation and separation of aggregates test, asphalt segregating control corresponding to the approved granulation of the asphalt mixing plan;
  13. Testing the specific gravity of asphalt and aggregate (apparent and real);
  14. Measuring the degree of hot asphalt heat and adapting to the temperature of the asphalt mixing plan;
  15. Measuring the resistance of the asphalt sample by Marshall method to determine the strength and softness measurement;
  16. Measuring flakiness and elongation guge;
  17. Sand equivalent test;
  18. Aggregate soundness test;